Gehl Family Farms

Although not part of the Foundation, the Gehls (John, Lori, Katherine, Andy, JoJo and Mike) have personally purchased over 650 acres within the Lake Country area. This acreage is in addition to land protected by the Foundation. The Gehl Family is currently in the process of putting conservation easements on each parcel so that all of this land will be protected in perpetuity.

What is a conservation easement? 
A conservation easement is a legal agreement that limits development and the subdivision of an owner’s land thereby protecting the land for farming, forestry and nature.
Stone Bank Farm Market
Fresh, seasonal vegetables at Stone Bank Farm Market
Fresh, seasonal vegetables at Stone Bank Farm Market

In Spring 2017, John Gehl opened the Stone Bank Farm Market on a 3-acre parcel surrounded by the Foundation’s Stone Bank Farm. Although the Market is a commercial enterprise and is not part of the Foundation, the Market provides locally-grown food for our community and supports the Foundation’s mission of land conservation and sustainable farming practices.

Other Partners

Our Foundation provides both financial and in-kind support to many like-minded organizations that work in the Lake Country area. We are pleased to have supported the Waukesha County Land Conservancy, Tall Pines Conservancy, Gathering Waters, American Farmland Trust and the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust over the years. We will continue to support these wonderful organizations in the future. 

Ozaukee Washington Land Trust